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Shooter Flurocarbon Fishing Line



In April 2013, Sunline introduced a new version of the top line Shooter product.

Sunline’s goal with making the new version was to create a line that could be used in all applications and was now available in more sizes. It is difficult to make one product exactly the same across a wide range of sizes and have it be effective for all of those, so Sunline now has three versions of Shooter.

Shooter Invisible and Shooter Metan Green are not changing. They will remain the same for the rest of 2013.

Shooter Fluorocarbon features include the following:

  • Sunline’s highest quality fluorocarbon.
  • Best fc product for flipping or when maximum abraision resistance is needed.
  • Highest abrasion resistance.
  • Highest sensitivity.
  • Designed for heavy cover applications.
  • Lowest stretch. Stiffer than FC Sniper.
  • Parallel spooling to insure the lowest memory. Triple resin processing


lb. 7 8 10 12 14 16 20 22 25
dia. (inch) 0.0086 0.0093 0.0102 0.0112 0.0122 0.0130 0.0146 0.0159 0.0171